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  • Launch of new alert card

    The AAA screening programme has recently introduced an alert card scheme for those men under surveillance following detection of a small or medium AAA at their initial scan.

  • Record numbers attend 2017 Service User Event

    The AAA screening programme’s fifth annual Service User Event took place on 6 April in Grosvenor Hall, Belfast. The morning workshop was attended by a record number of almost 100 participants. 

  • Large AAA diagnosis: Barry’s story

    I have no doubt my attending the scan when I did saved my life. 

    It is so simple, it shows over 98% of men over 65 as not having an aneurysm. 

    If asked to attend an AAA Screening Programme scan, please take advantage of this opportunity, no matter how good you feel.  It only takes ten minutes…

  • AAA screening and treatment saved my life

    Brian Topping recounts his experience of attending AAA screening and being diagnosed with a large aneurysm. Having had no previous symptoms and no idea that anything was wrong, Brian explains how, after prompt treatment and a period of recuperation, he is now relieved that life is back to normal.

What to expect at your AAA screening appointment