NI AAA Screening Programme Office
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Quality assurance

What is quality assurance?

Quality assurance (QA) has two main elements with regard to a screening programme. The first is to monitor and maintain minimum standards in relation to the programme.

The second is to continuously improve all aspects of the programme’s performance to ensure those who undergo screening have access to a high quality service wherever they live.

Why do screening programmes need QA?

QA is so important within screening programmes because screening can sometimes do harm as well as good. It is therefore essential that all necessary measures are taken to ensure individuals participating in screening receive maximum benefit from the experience.

What is the aim of QA?

QA aims to:

  • reduce the likelihood of error during any part of the screening process;
  • ensure any errors are dealt with competently and sensitively;
  • help professionals and organisations improve year on year;
  • set and review agreed minimum and target standards to be achieved by a screening programme.

More specifically, QA aims to ensure the screening process is functional and safe by checking that:

  • the correct population is identified and invited;
  • an appropriate invitation is used and men have an informed choice;
  • IT systems are in place to track individuals’ progress and their results reach them in an appropriate way;
  • action is taken to follow up unscreened men;
  • those men diagnosed with an AAA receive the relevant information and care.