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What is screening?

Screening is a process of identifying apparently healthy people who may be at increased risk of a disease or condition. They can then be offered information, further tests and appropriate treatment to reduce their risk and/or any complications arising from the disease or condition.

Source: UK National Screening Committee

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Why has screening been introduced for AAAs?

The UK NSC has recommended that AAA screening should be offered to men aged 65. The programme has been introduced following research evidence, pilot programmes and economic evaluation. The UK NSC assessed the evidence around the introduction of an AAA screening programme against a set of internationally recognised criteria to ensure that it will deliver benefits at a reasonable cost. It is hoped that screening will reduce the rate of premature death in men with a ruptured AAA by up to 50%.

The UK NSC does not recommend AAA screening for women as they get the disease much less frequently and later in life.

Private screening

Private health screening (outside the HSC) is becoming increasingly popular as people look for assurances that they are not suffering from a serious health problem and as more companies advertise the private screening services they provide.

Most private screening companies offer a good quality service, but before you go ahead with a test, check that the company is properly regulated and ask for clear written information about the risks involved, as well as the benefits.

Private companies offer a wide range of health checks, from simple blood tests and physical examinations to full body scans and screening for serious conditions like AAAs or heart failure.

If you are thinking about paying for any of these tests, it is worth asking a few questions first.

Source: UK NSC and National AAA Screening Programme

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